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روز به خیر. به وبسایت ما خوش آمدید. ما به گرمی به شما خوش آمدید گفته و افتخار می کنیم که با بهترین تورها در خدمت شما خواهیم بود. سرزمین ایران کشوری چهارفصل با مردمی مهربان است. به ایران سفر کنید و از نزدیک خود تجربه کنید


Individualreise durch Bangladesch
© Persika Tours GmbH
© Persika Tours GmbH


This Bangladesh travel package covers the best places in Bangladesh recommended by popular travel guides including BRADT and Lonely Planet, with few days of beach luxury in the end. It starts with a full day tour to Old Dhaka, and boarding Paddle Steamer Rocket in the evening for an once-in-a-lifetime overnight journey. You’ll visit UNESCO World Heritage city Bagerhat, and spend 03 days in Sundarbans to explore it’s wildlife. Next we’ll take you to visit the most impressive archaeological sites in Rajshahi Division including an world heritage site. After that we’ll take you to the tea region of Bangladesh – Srimangal and Sylhet to visit it’s numerous tea gardens, national parks, tribal villages, and enjoy boat ride on beautiful rivers and canals. From there we go to Chittagong Hill-Tracts area. Starting with full day boat ride at beautiful Kaptai Lake, we’ll explore the beautiful hills in Bandarban where the heaven and the earth meets together. Later you’ll spend rest 3 days on a private beach of an Eco-resort in Cox’s Bazar. If you want to see the best places of Bangladesh with some beach luxury on a single tour, this tour is for you.
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A guide of us will meet you inside the airport, pick you up, and transfer to hotel.
Overnight at Dhaka
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Pick-up from hotel lobby at 08.00 H, and head toward Old Dhaka. You’ll visit key tourist attractions in Old Dhaka the whole day, including Dhakeshwari Temple, Lalbagh Fort, Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Armenian Church, Star Mosque, Ahsan Manjil, and Sadarghat River Station. 
Stop for lunch at a descent local restaurant in Old Dhaka, and continue sight seeing.
Return to hotel and have couple of hours for shower before heading back to Sadarghat River Station.
Enjoy a short boat ride at river Buriganga in the evening on a wooden boat to feel the ritham of the live and vibrant river and enjoy sunset. 
Embark Rocket Steamer at Sadarghat River Station at 18.00 H. A memorable overnight journey in Rocket Steamer to Hularhat. Overnight at Rocket (1st class sleeping cabin)
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Enjoy the riverine beauty of Bangladesh from Rocket Steamer in the morning. Disembark from Rocket at Hularhat around 09.00 H. 
Drive toward Bagerhat (01 hr) in an air-conditioned car, and visit the 15th century Muslim city once called Khalifatabad, which is the present day Bagerhat, and is an UNESCO protected world heritage site.
You’ll visit most of the remaining mosques from the 15th century city Khalifatabad the whole day, including the 60 Dome Mosque, 09 Domed Mosque, Rono Bijoypur Mosque, Chunakhola Mosque, Bigi Beguni Mosque, and Singair Mosque. Also we’ll take you to visit the shrine of Khan Jahan Ali, the saint general from Turkey who came to spread Islam in this country and founded this great city, and Kodla Moth – a very beautiful Hindu temple from 17th century. Drive toward Mongla (01 hr).
Overnight at Mongla.
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Transfer to our waiting boat in the jetty at 06.00 H, and head immediately toward Sundarbans. Stop on a forest station on the way to complete formalities, and continue toward Kochikhali. 
We’ll go through many small canals and rivers with our small boat where big boats can not go because of their size and the cannals being shallow. Taking you through these rewarding narrow canals is the main point of this private tour on a small boat, where is your best chance to spot a tiger and many wildlife. We’ve spotted a tiger on such a canal on 26th September, 2014, which was crossing the river just 200 miters ahead of us in broad day light. We were the only lucky tour operator to spot an wild Bengal tiger in last few years on a tour in Sundarbans.
We’ll reach Kochikhali in the evening, and explore a small canal on a small row boat in search of wild-life. They come to drink water in the evening and morning on the creeks and canals. You’ll seat on the boat quietly and float by on a breath-taking environment listening to many birds singing, and the calls of many animals. 
Stay overnight on the boat in a sleeping cabin, anchoring in the middle of the river in front of Kochikhali forest station.
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Have breakfast at 07.00 H, and start hiking on the forest from Kochikhali forest station toward the Jamtola Beach (00 km, 00 hrs). Spend an hour on the beach (oo km walk) which is the quietest, nicest, and cleanest beach in Bangladesh, and hike toward Kotka forest station through the forest (00 km, 00 hrs). The total hiking will be about 00 hours. Reach Kotka station and transfer to our waiting boat which already arrived here from Kochikhali through an inside canal.
Lunch on the boat and have couple of hours rest. 
Go to the watch tower at Kotka and seat there rest of the evening. This is a feeding ground of animals. Lots of deers and other wild animals come here in the evening to eat grass and drink water. You never know what surprises can be waiting for you here! 
Stay overnight on the boat in a sleeping cabin, anchoring in the middle of the river in front of Kotka forest station.
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Go for a boat ride on the small row boat at 06.00 H and explore a canal near Kotka Wildlife Sanctuary. Return to the main boat at 07.30 and have breakfast. We’ll start our return journey toward Mongla from here through other small rivers and canals.
Reach Mongla in the afternoon, and drive to Khulna (1.5 hrs)
Overnight at Khulna.
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KHULA, Rajshahi & Pythia

Transfer to Khulna Railway Station, and depart for Rajshahi on 06.30 H Kapotaksha Express. Arrive Rajshahi around 13.10 H, transfer to hotel. 
After check-in, freshen up, and lunch, drive to Puthia (22 km, 30 mins) and visit its beautiful temples and palaces. Largest number of historical temples of Bangladesh are located in Puthia. Back to Rajshahi in the evening. 
Overnight at Rajshahi.
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Drive to Sonamasjid (90 km, 03 hrs) and visit some of the best archaeological sights of Gauda, which was the ancient capital of greater Bengal in the medieval period with a rich history. This once rich city is located in Bangladesh-India border and split between two countries. You will visit it’s beautiful mosques, palace, and shrine the whole day.
If the tour is in mango season (May-July), we will take you to visit some mango orchards and bazaars, and you’ll get a chance to taste some of the best quality mango in the world. This area is called the mango capital of Bangladesh where eighty percent of country’s mangoes are grown.
Return to Rajshahi in the evening. 
Overnight at Rajshahi.
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After breakfast, drive to Kusumba (50 km, 1.5 hrs). Visit Kusumba Mosque, a beautiful stone-built mosque from medieval period. This is one of sixth remaining stone-built mosque from the Sultanate period in Bengal, which is very well preserved.
Drive to Paharpur (60 km, 1.5 hrs) and visit Somapura Mahavihara, a Buddhist monastery from 8th century and a UNESCO world heritage site. This is the most impressive archaeological site in Bangladesh. 
Drive to Mahasthangarh (60 km, 1.5 hrs), and visit the remaining of the oldest known city in Bangladesh from 3rd century BC. We will take you to visit most of the well known sites at Mahasthangarh including the Citadel, Vasu Bihar, Mahasthangarh Museum, and Gokul Medh. Drive to Bogra (22 km, 30 mins).
Overnight at Bogra.
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After breakfast, drive to Sariakandi (50 km, 45 mins). Visit some chars (river islands) of river Jamuna and see how people live on those small islands struggling with the natural disasters. 
Drive to Dhaka (250 km, 6.5 hrs). Lunch on a highway restaurant on the way. Drop at hotel upon arrival at Dhaka in the late evening. 
Overnight at Dhaka.
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Pick up from hotel at 06.30 H, transfer to Airport Railway Station, and take 07.12 H Parabat Express to Srimangal. Our guide at Dhaka will help you board the train and find your seats. Arrive Srimangal around 12.30 H. Upon arrival, our guide at Srimangal will meet you at the train station, and transfer you to the resort. 
After check-in, freshen up, and lunch, visit tea gardens and a tribal village in Sribangal. 
After dinner, we’ll take you to Nilkontho Tea cabin to taste the famous 7 layer tea of Sribangal. 
Overnight at Srimangal.
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Early morning, go for a rewarding wildlife trekking through the Lawachara National Park. We take the 03 hours trail for the maximum opportunity to see wildlife, specially the Hollock Gibbons for which this forest is famous for.
Return to the resort, have lunch, and take some rest. 
Cycling through the trails of beautiful tea gardens rest of the day. People who love cycling, Srimangal could be a heaven for them. Trails through the tea gardens are scenic and also not very extreme. You’ll also be cycling through the rubber plantations, pineapple gardens, lemon orchards, and village roads. You’ll be cycling until the sun set. If you prefer not to do cycling, we’ll take you in sight seeing by car. 
Overnight at Srimangal.
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Morning is free to do anything. Drive to Sylhet around 10 am (02 hrs).
After check-in, freshen up, and lunch, visit Sylhet city rest of the day. We’ll take you to visit the century old Kin Bridge built on colonial period and one of the main entrance to the city, Surma river, and the shrines of Shah Jalal and Shah Paran where you’ll see many interesting people. 
Overnight at Sylhet.
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Pick-up at 9.00 H from hotel, and a scenic drive toward Jaflong (02 hrs). Here you enjoy your time idly enjoying the beauty of Jaflong. You’ll get an opportunity to photograph the stone collection activities on the river where they collect stones manually and take into crushers, which is highly photogenic. We will take you to the river on a local boat to photograph the stone collecting activities.
Lunch on a decent restaurant run by Nazimgarh Resort overlooking the river.
Visit the village of Khashia tribe and see their lifestyle. You can visit their gardens and see how they grow betel leaves, and visit some tea plantations for which this area is very famous.
Return to Sylhet in the evening. 
Overnight at Sylhet.
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Pick-up from hotel at 8.00 H, and drive to Sarighat (01 hrs). Upon arrival, transfer to the boat. 
Enjoy boat ride on the blue-water canal Lalakhal. We’ll take you to the end of the canal close to Indian border and back, which will be about 2.5 hrs ride in total. Also you’ll visit a tea garden on the way. We’ll use a motorized local wooden boat for the journey.
Back to Sylhet, have lunch, and transfer to railway station / airport. 
Board 15.00 H Parabat Express / catch 14.00 H flight for Dhaka. Our Sylhet guide will help you board the train, find your seats, and say good bye. Arrive Dhaka Airport Railway Station around 22.00 H / 14.40 H for flight, and transfer to your hotel/residence.
Overnight at Dhaka.
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Transfer to airport, and fly to Chittagong at 7.00 am. Arrive Chittagong at 7.45 am, drive to Rangamati (03 Hrs).
Enjoy boat ride at Kaptai Lake rest of the day. Visit tribal handicraft market in the evening.
Overnight at Rangamati.
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Drive to Bandarban after breakfast (03 Hrs). 
Visit Golden Temple, Nilachal, and other popular tourist sites in Bandarban rest of the day. 
Overnight at Bandarban.
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Drive to Nilgiri early morning (1.5 Hrs) which is a famous hill in Bandarban where you can see the heaven and earth meeting together. 
Boat ride at beautiful Sangu river in the evening, which is the most beautiful river of Bangladesh. 
Overnight at Bandarban.
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Morning is free to enjoy nature from resort. Drive to Cox’s Bazar (3 hrs) around 10.00 am. Check into hotel/resort. Guide say good bye from here. 
Leisure on the longest unbroken sandy beach rest of the day. 
Overnight at Cox’s Bazar
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Whole day leisure on the beach at Cox’s Bazar. 
Overnight at Cox’s Bazar
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Transfer to airport (40 mins) by Tuk-Tuk. Fly to Dhaka in the afternoon. Transfer to hotel. 
Overnight at Dhaka
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Drive to the old capital of Bengal region – Sonargon (2 hrs) after breakfast. Visit Folk-arts and Crafts Museum, Goaldi Mosque – a beautiful medieval period mosque, a school fully made of bamboo for disadvantaged children of the neglected Hindu society, and abandoned merchant city – Panam Nagar. Also you’ll visit a char (small river island) to see the lifestyle of farmers. Overnight at Dhaka.
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Transfer to airport according to your flight, say good bye. 
End of the tour.
Enthaltene Leistungen
Return airport transfers at Dhaka.
9 Nights accommodation in hotels and boat cabins as mentioned in the itinerary, with 8 complementary breakfast.
Lunch on Day-2 on a decent local restaurant (local food).
All meals, drinking water, tea, and coffee while on the boat at Sundarbans for 3 days.
1st class cabin ticket of Rocket on twin sharing basis.
All site entrance tickets.
Air-conditioned car with driver
English speaking guide
All train tickets and boat rides.
Forest permission fee (5,500 BDT per person)
All tips except our guide, driver, and boat crew.
Nicht enthaltene Leistungen
International Flight
Breakfast at Rocket
Any food, drinks, beverage other than mentioned above
Any personal item.
Wichtige Hinweise
Ihr Hotels:
Dhaka: Hotel 71 (01 Night) & Hotel De Meridian (03 Nights) 
Dhaka - Hularhat Transfer: 1st class cabin on Rocket
Mongla: Parjatan Hotel Posur
Khulna: City Inn Hotel
Khulna - Rajshahi Transfer: 1st Class Train 
Rajshahi: Parjatan Hotel
Bogra: Naz Garden Hotel 
Dhaka - Srimangal Transfer: 1st Class Train
Srimangal : Nisorgo Eco Resort
Dhaka-Chittagong Transfer: Return Economy Flight 
Rangamati: Parjatan Hotel
Bandarban: Hillside Resort 
Cox's Bazar: Long Beach Hotel

Hotel- und Programmänderungen bei vergleichbarem Leistungsumfang vorbehalten.
Minimum 02 person is required to book this tour. 
This tour is not available to start on Thursday, because Friday is the weekly holiday for Rocket departing from Dhaka. 
In Thursdays, a traditional ferry comes in service instead of the paddle boat. If you book for Wednesday, you have to travel on the traditional ferry instead of a paddle steamer on Thursday. 

Rocket & Train:
1st class tickets of Rocket and train depends on availability. You might have to travel on the 2nd class if 1st class is not available. Only difference on 1st and 2nd class on the Rocket is, 2nd class is located in the back side, and have no air-conditioning. Other facilities are same. Passengers of 2nd class can use all the facilities of 1st class, e.g. dining area, sitting area on the front side.
Best Rockets leaves on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You should plan this tour covering these days to have a better experience of Rocket. Considering the whole itinerary, Friday will be the best day to start this tour. 
If for some unexpected reason Rocket ticket is not available at all, we’ll take you up to Barisal by a traditional ferry (overnight part), and from Barisal to Hularhat on the Rocket (daytime journey part). 
In case of traveling on the 2nd class of train, you’ll have a reserved seat.

Itinerary of Sundarbans Tour is just a general outline, and not fixed. It could be changed depending on the season, moon phase, tide, day light hours, and fog. But we’ll try to include all the places and activities mentioned in the itinerary as much as possible. 
The boat for Sundarbans is a very basic boat without air-conditioning, electricity, and running hot water (we will supply them on bucket). It has accommodation facilities for 08 person in max, and one western style toilet. But we have a larger boat too to arrange tour for bigger groups.
The cabins in the boat at Sundarbans are lit by small lights running on battery. We’ll run the generator in the evening for couple of hours everyday to charge your devices.
You’ll get mobile phone signal of GrameenPhone on the first half of day-01. In Kotka, a new mobile phone tower of Teletalk opened recently, so you’ll get full network coverage of only Teletalk in Kotka with 2G internet facilities which is very slow. No other SIM card will work inside other parts of the forest. 
For hiking in the forest on day-05, the land is flat and we will not go through very dense forest, so it will be easy for most of the people, as long as you can walk about 10 kilometers. The trail is dry, not muddy. Bring covered shoes which is suitable for hiking and can protect you from small grass and trees with spikes. 
If you do not want to hike, you can remain on the boat which will be still enjoyable, as it will go from Kochikhali to Kotka through small canals, which will be a ride of about 03 hours.

Tuesday is weekly holiday for the Kapotaksha Express train from Khulna – Rajshahi. We’ll use bus on this day.
Boat ride at Sangu river in Bandarban depends on the water level on the river. If there is not enough water, we will offer alternative activities for the day. 
As getting a 1st class cabin on Rocket is very difficult, booking this tour at least 3 weeks in advance is advised.
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